Exhibition SPIRITUUM

Exhibition SPIRITUUM, Author’s Sculpture Gallery of Bronisław Chromy, Kraków May/June 2017

The exhibition “SPIRITUUM” is a painter’s story about spirits, understood as states of mind
and emotions.
   Its core has been created over the past few years, figurative paintings inspired by medieval art and a medieval view at reality. The expression of this view is “Dance macabre” – a dance of corpses and skeletons, reminding of the impermanence of life and fragility of existence. It is a work describing the dark and painful aspects of existence, the abyss of fear, hopelessness, fall, decay, anger, but also power, giving strength to travel through darkness, to rise.
   Some of the images are kept in a different atmosphere. In a convention close to the landscape,
They are the feeling of silence and space, the power emanating from nature. Spirits of rock, wind and infinity.